Fountain pen Pen of the Year 2018 platinum-plated, Fine


Fountain pen Pen of the Year 2018 platinum-plated, Fine

The legendary founding of Rome in 753 BC is the start of a rise unparalleled in the ancient world. Even today, in the early 3rd millennium, the great rulers, magnificent buildings and historic cultural achievements continue to fascinate time and again: they are the inspiration for the creation of the Pen of the Year 2018. The platinum-plated special edition with masterly crafted Carrara marble is limited to 400 fountain pens and 120 rollerball pens. The exclusive “Black Edition” is limited to 330 fountain pens and 100 roller-ball pens. Both editions come with an 18-carat gold nib that is run in by hand. An end-cap protects the rotary knob of the plunger mechanism of the plunger-type fountain pen.


  • Platinum-plated barrel adorned by three segments of staturario marble from Carrara
  • The platinum-plated rings between the marble segments are decorated with laurel wreaths, symbolizing fame and success
  • The cap with an elaborate engraving of the famous Colosseum is adorned by a miniature Roman penny
  • The penny is modelled on a very rare silver coin from the year 44BC depicting Caesar's head
  • 18-carat bicolour gold nib, inscribed by hand
  • Available in the nib widths M, F, B, and BB
  • Individually numbered writing instruments
  • Exclusive, brightly polished black wooden box with an attractive brochure and a certificate of authenticity
  • An additional insert offers space for six more writing instruments
  • Limited to 400 pieces

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